Check out the complete Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy agenda!


History of American Business Titans, Branding and Experience Marketing, How to build a movement of Fans and Buyers, Developing a business Ideal.

How to Inspire Action in Every Audience, Images, Speaking, Communicating,

 Developing a business.

  • Learn the Basics of Business Planning
  • Understand Funding Landscape and Options
  • Map out Government Agencies and their Relationship with Business Owners
  • Networking in the world of business
  • Transform a Business Idea into Reality
  • Develop  Skills to Gather Market Information
  • Understand Risks of Starting a Business
  • Define Entrepreneurship and Small Business
  • Identify Major Characteristics of Entrepreneurs
  • Learn Role of Small Business in the U.S.

Social Media Mining, Ads/Posters, List Building, Focus Groups, Publicity Events, Pitching business ideals, Joint Venturing, Affiliates, Interviews, Writing Business Proposals, EMK (electronic media kit), Bio writing.

Each student will be applying all lessons taught and preparing for crowd funding and networking event, by the completion of this course of studies; your teenager will be able to:

  • Launch their own business
  • Give a elevator pitch
  • Create a marketing campaign
  • Pitch the media
  • Know what it takes to build a good website and build a list of fans through social media
  • Market themselves and their talents both online and offline
  • Better understand what their full potential really is
  • Know the role of small business and its place in the United States

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