How Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy got started!

Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy was born in a Starbucks cafe in Memphis, TN, in the latter part of 2012. Kelly Price and LaKeisha Harrison were having a casual conversation  about politics and world events when the conversation  steered towards education and the state of what was then known as Memphis  City Schools.

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About Us

Give Your Child an Edge with the MEA Team!

Welcome to Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy! At MEA, we want to give your child an edge! It is our mission to help children become the best they can be academically and personally. We use business and entrepreneurship principles to develop children’s creativity and increase scholastic aptitude. Our programs build confidence and teach children to understand the world around them so they are equipped to be a contributing and productive citizen once they reach adulthood. At MEA, we create an environment where children can get the tools they need to thrive! Check out our programs and GIVE YOUR CHILD AN EDGE!