Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy’s Summer Camp 2016

 Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy would like to announce that 2016 Summer Camp class registration will begin April 4th 2016 to June 6th 2016. The Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy’s Summer Camp is a program that teaches children leadership, life skills, healthy lifestyle habits, and basic business skills. Founded in 2013 with support from Networking in Memphis, FireWolf Marketing, JustMy and CoWork Memphis. The Memphis Entrepreneur Academy will serve thirty-five students in the Memphis and Shelby County community each summer session. Memphis Entrepreneur Academy (MEA) Summer Camp dates,FIRST SESSION June 13th to June 18th and SECOND SESSION July 11 to July 16th  2016. 8am to 4:30pm at 902 Cooper St, Memphis, TN 38104
 summer2016updateOur programs teach core business topics such as concept development, marketing/promotion, accounting/finance, and product development. However, Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy goes a step further by incorporating leadership development and teamwork training. Before we introduce business concepts, we build a foundation of entrepreneurship knowledge by teaching entrepreneurship history, highlighting local entrepreneurs and businesses.
In each program, students develop their writing and speaking skills. In every session, students write papers to develop and/or improve their writing skills. We perform confidence building exercises that focus on enhancing students’ ability to express them verbally. Our programs focus on developing hard and soft skills that will enable students to perform better in school and prepare them for adulthood. Memphis Entrepreneur Academy (MEA) is a groundbreaking and exciting program that has classes that transforms young students into confident entrepreneur and better citizens. Memphis Entrepreneur Academy (MEA) approach empowers youth to take charge of their futures in a profound way.
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Learn how to write a grant for your organization or for someone else!

February 20th: Grant Writing

At our grant training, you will learn a multi-tiered approach to understanding the entire grant writing process including: research, data collection, learning to grant write persuasively, speaking the funder’s language, and Grantwrittingproposal submission.  We even help organizations get their programs/projects ready to receive the grant money by appropriate reporting, charting, accounting methods, tax filings, and budgeting. Part of the training is dispelling myths about the grant writing process, so that each person can write effectively and with the appropriate information. During our comprehensive grant writing training workshops, attendees begin to write grants by the end of the class.  That’s right, you will understand how to write effectively and persuasively. Where: 902 Cooper St. Memphis, TN 38104 When: February 20, 2016, 8 am- 3 pm RSVP: Reserve your spot on Eventbrite!  Early bird tickets are $100 before January 20th, $125 after January 20th.   Continue Reading

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Give Your Child an Edge with the MEA Team!

Welcome to Memphis Entrepreneurship Academy! At MEA, we want to give your child an edge! It is our mission to help children become the best they can be academically and personally. We use business and entrepreneurship principles to develop children’s creativity and increase scholastic aptitude. Our programs build confidence and teach children to understand the world around them so they are equipped to be a contributing and productive citizen once they reach adulthood. At MEA, we create an environment where children can get the tools they need to thrive! Check out our programs and GIVE YOUR CHILD AN EDGE!